Agencies with an agenda spy on you, monitor your every move and assess you into bits. This is the primary reason why you NEED a VPN. If their agendas were benevolent, my guess is they wouldn’t hide the fact that they monitor you. Sounds far-fetched? Sadly, it’s fact. Each time you hop on the Internet, your IP address is monitored by your Internet Service Provider.

If you think a VPN – Virtual Private Network – is only for those who have something to hide, think again. There are government-sponsored organizations, as well as those in the private sector, that track and monitor EVERYTHING you do as soon as you access the internet. VPNs prevent spying eyesIf that doesn’t tickle your uncomfortable bone, view it from the perspective that you have an invisible ‘somebody’ peering over your shoulder each and every time you do whatever it is you choose to do while comfortably strolling the web. Organizations monitor how long you’re on a site, what you do there, then collect and store data about you for a variety of purposes. Some known; such as how to market to you, yet other motivations remain unknown. Even when you leave that site, they’re STILL collating data about your visit.

I really don’t have anything to hide, so why should I care, right? If some nebulous stranger stood over your shoulder, watching your every move, as you went about your business on the net, most of us would say “Can you go find something to do?” while we enjoy our well-earned privacy. Are you beginning to grasp why you NEED a VPN?

If I don’t know and can’t see, with 100% transparency, why ANYONE would want this information I’m creating, why would I passively allow them to collect it?

It's a no-brainer that you NEED a VPN


If you live in the U.S. this is why you NEED a VPN: The Senate recently voted, 50 to 48, to break Net-neutrality which opens a can of worms long held at bay by those wise enough to see just how detrimental that is. These 50 Senators overlooked that completely and cashed in at our expense:

Your law-makers prove they are not out to protect you. Protect yourself with a VPN

The outcome of this historical act is much deeper than most of us can easily glean. I say HISTORICAL because if Net Neutrality becomes a thing of the past, the Internet as we know it will be unmistakably altered until magic occurs. That ‘magic’ I mention would be ‘an act of Congress’…who voted 231 to 189 in FAVOR of repealing the FCC limitations.

Your ISP will gain the ability to sell ALL your web-browsing history to those who want it. Your mobile devices, your medical and financial history, your emails, your social security number, your physical location, and even your kid’s information, all up for grabs. Moreover, they don’t have to tell you a single word about it. You don’t get zero say-so as to who or what agency buys your emails or your children’s information.  This isn’t paranoia, nor is it a sci-fi movie, it’s reality. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; sometimes when you talk pretty people don’t get it.

Greed-oriented people want to turn you into dollars. They have nothing to track if you have a VPN

These politicians, corporations, ISPs, agencies, and who the #$%& knows are out to exploit you into pieces. They don’t know you. They don’t give two craps in the wind how they ruin or invade your lives. This is a ‘Boss Level’ rip-off. Like surgery without the anesthetic, even the nay-sayers among us will feel how deep that cut goes.


If EVERYONE had a VPN, the Internet could be browsed securely

There are many VPNs, Proxy Servers, IPs, ISPs, available and MANY ways one can go about protecting their browsing footprint online. Sadly, it was an act of Congress and the FCC that finally made me get myself a VPN: I was the guy who HALFWAY gave a rat’s ass.

My little brother is a computer expert, he’s worked with military personnel and gives seminars at PyCon. That’s a tech-oriented convention. To give a seminar there is noteworthy. He’s been on my ass for years concerning my online habits. After everything I’ve learned, I would be remiss in not sharing why you NEED a VPN. In order to negate exploitation, burglary, and invasion, start with something as simple as having zero information to track, monitor, collate, or sell.

Protect your data, your security, and your life with a reputable VPN

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