In August the FCC intends to roll out the new wording for Net Neutrality. If you are a fan of legal jargon, you may peruse the proposed docket: Restoring Internet Freedom Notice of Proposed Rulemaking – WC Docket No. 17-108. The ‘freedom’ they will instill is for your ISP provider to package and SELL your entire internet browsing history. Government agencies, interested third-party organizations, even your business competitor can gain access to your medical records, traffic violations, even your children’s information…for a nominal fee.

The FCCs 'Internet Freedom' will cost YOU everything

‘Internet Freedom’ indeed. Back in April The FCC, alongside members of Congress, took a vote to repeal Net Neutrality.Republicans and the FCC join forces to exploit you. The horrible potential for exploitation on a level unlike anything we have experienced before is poised to become a reality.

Industry experts, such as the EFF, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and individuals like Quincy Larson over at FreeCodeCamp, have been warning us for quite some time about what’s coming around the bend, but the general populace is still woefully underprepared. Scientific studies solidify the fact that humans simply do NOT respond to warnings, regardless of whether they pertain to internet freedom or otherwise.


  • Warnings are not always clearly understood; Explaining what there is to be concerned about is not enough for most of us. We need diagrams, colorful charts, and illustrations with clear-cut examples of what could befall us if we don’t pay heed. If we don’t feel the pain or potential pain, we are not so concerned.
  • Our brains are wired to ignore warnings; Physical signs and labels become somewhat ‘commonplace’ in the human brain after we’ve seen a warning once before. This isn’t necessarily our ‘fault’ per se, our mind replays the warning from memory, leaving our brains free to focus on other things. It’s just how we naturally function. Apply that also to having read a warning previously in an article, or about a certain subject.
  • Danger Dilution; In our society, there’s a trend towards multiple warnings- there are so many things we receive warnings about, although we are conscious of the potential consequences, the strength of the more important messages fails to impact us how they could.
  • Social Mindset; We live in a social context, so others affect our ideas of normalcy and standard behavior. It would be unsurprising that the degree to which we comply with a warning depends on the perception of others complying with the very same issue.
  • Goal/Risk Assessment;  Risk/hazard perceived to be very minute, don’t register significant warnings. What works best for us is to see the consequence of a poor choice regarding an issue of concern.

Danger Will Robinson! No Internet Freedom ahead!

“Obviously, people won’t comply with a warning that they don’t see and are less likely to comply with a warning that they don’t fully understand.” – Marc Green Ph.D., Human Factors.

VPNs Protect More Than Just Your Data.

A great many leaders of thought in the Internet industry, as well as myself, have shared vital information as to how you can protect yourself, and secure your digital assets by investing in a VPN service. This is true Internet Freedom. Making use of a VPN service will secure your data, protect you from Malware and prevent invasion by web-pirates…aka Hackers.

Data from a 2016 report generated in the UK states only 26% of global internet users made use of a VPN or VPN services.

2017 Data displays the highest percentage of VPN users are in Thailand, Indonesia, and China, countries that traditionally block a great deal of content from their populace. They’ve been without Internet Freedom for a significant span of time. Adversely, western Europe seeks privacy from their ISPs and third parties while online.

A Few Quick Stats:

 The US is behind the social curve on Internet Freedom

All countries here are behind the global social curve on Internet freedom

FURTHERMORE, on a Global level:

29% of Chinese use VPNs

24% in Russia

33%in India

16% in Canada and the USA

In the U.S. only 5% of us use VPN services for accessing blocked information and only 16% of us, on a global scale, use a VPN service. Net Neutrality is rolling back, this puts us at the top of the list for exploitation. OUR ISP providers will profit the most by bundling and selling our personal information to those who want it. Whoever they are.


  • ANYTHING you’ve done online will be made available to those who want to pay for the knowledge. Imagine if the guy writing this wanted to know your school records, purchase history, or even read your email.
  • The FCC LOVES that most of us ignore warnings, it makes it so much easier to turn us into capital as they roll out THEIR version of Internet Freedom. Less resistance equals smooth sailing for them.
  • You’ll be able to SECURELY ignore the danger of having your private life made available for all to see.
  • This is one social context you want to LEAD, not follow…and you’ll be safer for it.
  • If you fail to prepare, be prepared to fail, and hard this is one BENEFIT that OUTWEIGHS whatever potential risks you may feel are involved.

There's no Internet Freedom here

‘No one expects the Inquisition.’ I jest, yet the reality is we are about to take a hard fall if we are not properly prepared. Digital confinement is the FCC’s goal. The FCC received 1.6 million comments concerning their repeal thus far. Make your voice heard by August 16th, or you’ll miss your chance to comment.

Begin by getting the world’s best VPN service here, or further your knowledge by clicking any link below.

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