In my quest for deep VPN knowledge, I came across crucial sites that punched up my awareness of internet security, as well as our growing loss of personal freedoms not solely pertaining to the Internet. The information listed below is too important to NOT share.

Quincy know the Internet

This guy, Quincy Larson, over at FreeCodeCamp has written a powerful article that needs reading due to the loss of Net Neutrality.

The Internet has changed privacy policies...without your consent

Andrew Napolitano of NEWSMAX wrote a strong, revealing piece that brings to light our loss of personal privacy and liberties.

Privatize not just your internet, privatize your life

PRIVACY TOOLS.IO is a life-changing site for deep info on GLOBAL SURVEILLANCE. There are many important tools and tips to keep your life private.

IP leaking internet data? Check here to be sure

IPLEAK.NET is pure statistics-YOURS. Every site you visit on the internet, their advertisers, and any embedded doo-dads collect info on you each time you drop in. Want to see what they see?

Internet Champions

The EFF not only produces great tools to prevent you from being spied on, they are one of the major champions striving to keep the internet free. I have HTTPS EVERYWHERE installed on my devices, and also had PRIVACY BADGER installed as well, but that beast worked TOO well, and I need my screen capture software. Insert LOL here. I miss the little guy.

Deep Internet knowledge can be found here

This is by far one of the best, in-depth articles about what’s brought us to this state of affairs, and what’s available as far as free VPNs go. This comes from Quincy Larson over at FreeCodeCamp.

HOW TO SET UP A VPN in 10 minutes


Why you NEED a VPN

How To Set Up A VPN via Download